Design Conferences 2012

Matt gave several talks at Design West 2012 and Design East 2012.
Design West 2012 was March 26-29, 2012 in San Jose, CA USA. Design East 2012 was September 17-20, 2012 in Boston, MA USA.

Matt also facilitated a Shop Talk on “Driving Engineering Change”.

Should your company adopt agile methods? Buy programmers larger monitors? With an ever-growing list of potential tools addressing issues including multi-core parallelism, robust design, static / dynamic analysis and security, how can you successfully recommend and implement the appropriate, cost-effective tools? In this shop talk, we will discuss how to invoke change in engineering tools and methodology within your organization. This broad topic spans technology, tool evaluation, business justification and politics. Let’s discuss your experiences including glowing successes, mediocre results and abysmal failures so that we can all learn how to become more competitive in the rapidly changing embedded marketplace.